Second Opinion

A Second Opinion on Your Retirement Plan?

Is it time you got a Second Opinion about your wealth and how to make the most of it?

Are you ready for a fresh, product-neutral retirement plan review under a fiduciary standard?

Investors are trying to make sense of uncertain times. We believe it is prudent—even critical—to invest in an independent second opinion on your individual portfolios, 401(k), 403(b), IRA, and pension plans.  Returns on annuity investments are at historic highs, and the variety of annuity options available offers the opportunity of secure lifetime income. The financial world never stands still, so neither should you.

90% of affluent investors say they would welcome a second opinion on their family’s finances if they could find an advisor providing a considered investment alternative. Even if you are satisfied that your pensions and investments are in good shape, it might be worthwhile finding out if there are opportunities to enhance your retirement plan.  As experienced Florida financial advisors,  Jarvis Financial Inc. can analyze your retirement plan and find you improved options, returns, and flexibility.

We never charge a fee to manage your money or to discuss your investment options.  A second opinion from a financial advisor who is experienced in creating and managing the best retirement plans in Florida will likely yield a retirement benefit you had not previously considered.

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