Get The Highest Annuity Rates in the Country

Receive the highest paying annuities in 2023. Click on the button below to see the best rates.

Get The Highest Annuity Rates in the Country

Receive the highest paying annuities in 2023. Click on the button below to see the best rates.


Get your unique annuity investment plan created for your goals

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Welcome Message From Edie Jarvis

There are pros and cons in nearly every investment vehicle. At the same time, there are so many people/organizations giving blanket advise to anyone who will listen.

Sometimes it is hard to know if what you are reading or hearing is just sales talk or if it is the right decision for you. That’s where a fiduciary can make all the difference.

A fiduciary has a responsibility to you to recommend only the best solutions for you.

Because there is so much noise in the industry and it is hard to understand what voices you can trust – I became a fiduciary. My background is in education. That’s where I learned that the best way to understand investing, retirement planning, and other types of planning is to educate yourself-first.

So let’s get educated about Annuities.

 — Questions you should ask —

Jarvis Financial Inc. offers a wide variety of services to meet the financial objectives of individuals & families. We work closely with each client to help them identify their goals and objectives. Then from this base, we are able to recommend suitable strategies and actions to achieve them. Here are questions you should be asking.

1. Do you have enough income now and through retirement?

2. Do you and your spouse agree on where to invest?

3. Does your investment protect your principle?

4. Do you have an emergency fund?

See for yourself what it’s like working with a Fiduciary and experiencing that Personal Touch!

Are You Ready For Financial Security?

At Jarvis Financial Inc., we believe that educating our clients is the first and most important step towards building their secure financial future. We arm our clients with the knowledge that they need to truly understand the rules of the financial game, BEFORE discussing investments or products. Our approach is focused on the financial process initially, and not the product. When you work with Jarvis Financial Inc. you can rest assure that we stay on the cutting edge of our industry, and will be here to act as a coach to help you with all aspects of your financial life. We take the time to sit down with each and every client and truly listen to their needs and wants to make sure we are the right fit for them.

With over 20 years of experience and a team of people who bring forth a series of skills and a history of success. We are your financial partner – our success depends on your success! We are a fully independent and focused firm who is dedicated on achieving our client’s goals and dreams. We take the complex world of markets, tax, budgets, insurance, retirement and job changes – to name a few – and make sense of these for you and your family. Mostly, we love what we do and our clients feel the same. We invite you to explore our website to know more about us. If you are compelled by what you read, please complete the form below. Our office will reach out to you privately to set a time to speak and discuss what’s important to you!




We talked to Ms. Jarvis a few years back and she professionally educated us about her different annuity products. Being frustrated with what was happening in the financial world and needing some financial stability for the future.

I contacted Jarvis Financial again and Edie graciously assisted my wife and me in products that we feel fit our future financial security. She truly is a professional as has kept up with all the latest products and regulations that affect her clients. She answered our question quickly and completely. Thank you, Edie for your kind, prompt and professional, service.”

Do you have questions?

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