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We at Jarvis Financial Inc. offer our clients a wide array of financial services, but always begin with a personalized planning analysis. We review all aspects of your financial situation including savings, income, investments, IRAs, 401(k)’s 403(b)’s, bills, taxes, fees, risk tolerance and insurance to name a few to determine your proper mixture of investment products to give you safety, growth and income of your assets.


With traditional safety nets such as company pensions, and retirement funds dwindling, many of the 78 million baby boomers are left trying to answer one question: “Who’s going to pay my retirement paycheck?”

Annuities are one investment that more and more retirees are considering. These financial products are created by the insurance industry, and offer a lot more advantages over other investments such as, flexibility, safety, and growth.

Here are a few reasons why you should think about adding them to your retirement portfolio:

  •   Monthly Paychecks and Playchecks
  •   A Safer Investment
  •   Income for Life
  •   Market Gains without Losses
  •   Protection of Principal

At Jarvis Financial Inc. we will take the time to sit down and explain, educate and arm you with the knowledge you need to truly understand the rules of the Annuity game. We would be glad to provide you with more information on annuities and how they can help you in retirement, click here for your FREE annuity comparison. 

Financial Planning

Financial planning is not a product, but a process of providing advice and assistance to help clients achieve their financial goals. And because each client is unique, there can be no cookie cutter approach.

Markets are volatile, and you don’t want to get caught running out of money too early. On the other hand, you want to be able to enjoy retirement instead of skimping on spending and having your money outlast you. To get the best balance for your situation, Jarvis Financial Inc. can help you invest your money while understanding the taxes, risk, and benefits involved in various account types and investment portfolio options.

Our financial team consists of experts who are dedicated to getting you to and through your retirement years in the best possible financial shape and with peace of mind. With over 20 years of experience and a team of professionals who bring forth a series of skills and a history of success. We are your financial partner-our success depends on your success! Contact us for your free financial analysis today!

Wealth Transfer

These strategies enable you to pass on a large portion of your assets to your heirs in a tax-favored status. Leaving a legacy is important, let us show you how to start.

**Social Security

Why Maximize Social Security?

We’ve been brainwashed into thinking Social Security isn’t going to be there for the long term, so many couples ignore it when it comes to their retirement planning. Their attitude is “Don’t count on it because it may not be there.”

It’s time to set the record straight. For most middle income couples, Social Security in fact makes up 20% – 50% of their retirement income-often upwards of $500,000 in lifetime benefits. Obviously, that is a large sum of money for just about anyone. Doesn’t it make sense to maximize that asset if you can?

Also, we don’t hear enough how unique Social Security really is as a retirement asset. For most married couples, Social Security is the only retirement asset that:

 *Is adjusted annually for inflation
 *Is tax-advantaged-at worst, it’s only 85% taxable as normal income
 *Will continue to pay as long as you live
 *Is backed by a government promise

With so much at stake, when and how to elect Social Security may be the most important decision middle income couples make in retirement. Want to learn more about maximizing your Social Security benefits? You can download a free brochure on how to get the most from Social Security by clicking here. We would also be glad to send you the “Baby Boomer’s Guide to Social Security”.

Feel free to call us today to arrange your complimentary consultation.

Retirement Planning

When you retire, you should be looking forward to the best years of your life. Retirement should be the time to enjoy the lifestyle you have worked for your entire career. But for many people, that’s not the case. In fact, 80 percent of adults age 30 to 54 believe they will not have enough money for retirement, and more than a third of Americans over age 65 rely entirely on Social Security.

You may be able to save more and spend less without noticing a difference in your lifestyle, or there may be better ways to manage your money and opportunities. Jarvis Financial Inc. specializes in retirement planning services. Our experts can help you maximize your situation and be level-headed and confident as you plan for your retirement. Our Retirement Planning process is designed to help individuals or couples at or near retirement answer the following questions:

  •   Can I retire when I want to?
  •   Will I have accumulated the money I’ll need?
  •   Will I run out of money too soon?
  •   Should I start Social Security now or wait?
  •   Which should I draw down first-my IRA or regular accounts

Let Jarvis Financial Inc. “Help you find the right path to your future”. Click here for more Infomation.

Income Planning

Jarvis Financial Inc. can help you figure out where your income will come from in retirement. Your portfolio should reflect your age, your tolerated degree of risk, and expected income now and in the future.

We offer a proper mix of various investment strategies to provide you security during retirement. Often times we find that the advisor who helps grow your wealth isn’t the one who should help to distribute it during retirement. We will help find you ways to maximize your retirement income. We can help you decipher the pros and cons of your retirement account options, such as the following:

  •   Traditional and Roth IRAs
  •   401 (k) and 403 (b)
  •   SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)
  •   SARSEP (Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension)

People are living longer and healthier lives, and you may need more retirement income than you expect. For example, 20 years of healthcare if you are 65 years old costs $215,000 for the average American or about $11,000 per year. Add to that your other expenses, such as property taxes or rent, transportation, food, and any vacations you’ve been dreaming of, and your expenses, and you can be in a position of needing more income.

Jarvis Financial Inc. can help you budget for your golden years. Then, we can look at your options and work with you to optimize them. Contact us to find out how today!

Life Insurance

We provide a full range of life insurance products from term insurance to variable life as well as index universal life policies.

College Funding

Saving for college can be a daunting task not to mention a huge expense. At Jarvis Financial Inc. we can help take the stress out of planning for college and help you sort out the complexities so you and your family can understand all the options available from 529 plans to Florida prepaid and everything in between. Let us show you and your family ways to save on the high cost of higher education. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to help your children achieve their dreams!

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