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Finding the right annuity can be exhausting. That is why we use our unique annuity rate finder, which allows us to shop over 500 companies, giving us the ability to consider all of your options and help protect you from receiving bad advice.

At Jarvis Financial we educate you to find the highest rate with the top companies. Giving you the confidence to choose the right annuity.

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Making The Switch From Saving To Spending

Deciding how to generate income in retirement is one of the most stressful, complicated and confusing aspects of retirement life. Even if you have accumulated a large nest egg, making the wrong income moves could put your entire retirement at risk. That’s why we urge you to call or fill out the survey to get your FREE copy of The Definitive Guide to Retirement Income.

With This FREE Guide You’ll Learn Ways To:


Set your retirement goals from spending every cent, to leaving a legacy.


Get an estimate for how long you are likely to live so you can plan your income needs over your retirement years.


Estimate your retirement costs with the included worksheet, "Factoring in Inflation and Longevity Expectations."


Generate "homegrown dividends" to save on taxes.


Balance Social Security, pensions, retirement savings, real estate and other assets to create a dependable income stream.

Our FREE Guide (And Bonus Offer) Can Help

Written specifically for those with $500,000 or more in investible assets, what you learn might surprise you and give you peace of mind. Our bonus offer is 99 Tips to Make Your Retirement more comfortable.

About Edie Jarvis

Edie has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Edie started her career in 1996 with a captive agency before realizing how limiting that was to both her and her clients. After gaining more industry knowledge and experience both in the field and in the classroom, Edie was then fortunate enough to have the ability to open her own firm. By doing so she was then able to offer EVERY investment option available to her clients, not just a select few. It also gave Edie the piece of mind of knowing she was doing what was best for the client, not the company.

99 Tips to Make Your Retirement More Comfortable.

While it’s easy to imagine retirement as a time of relaxation, enjoyment, and fun, the fact of the matter is that a successful retirement doesn’t just happen. It takes thought, planning and action. To help you get ready for retirement or make your retirement even better, we’ve assembled 99 retirement tips. Importantly, Edie has gleaned these tips from clients, who have or are successfully navigating the transition from work to retirement.

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